FLEXYFOOT was a new medical innovation (for use on the end of crutches and walking sticks). Unlike most institutional-looking aids, Flexyfoot looks great, so The View presented it with a mainstream approach.

Implementation & results: Lauded by users as life-changing (it reduces slips and falls and musculo-skeletal stress on joints), but complicated to explain, we shot a video for website, exhibition and sales use.

A healthcare media relations campaign targeting medical and special interest health groups, generated 2,637,608 OTS with further awards exposure.

PR is Flexyfoot’s sole marketing support apart from exhibitions. It has been integral to securing deals with distributors in the UK and overseas – and attracting and maintaining investors.

“In one year we have achieved international distribution with an innovative product, but with no past experience of manufacturing, marketing or selling. Without The View this would not have been possible. The View is a beacon of enthusiasm and creativity, coupled with unusual market insight and innovative strategic thinking. They are proactive – proposing clever and practical ideas to get exposure and/or increase sales. In a word: brilliant.”  David Goodwin, Director, Flexyfoot

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