The Live-in Homecare Information Hub

The Live-in Homecare Information Hub – brand creation and marketing comms

The Live-in Homecare Information Hub is a non-profit partnership of leading live-in homecare providers who aim to raise the awareness of this long-established, but little-known alternative to residential care.

Our involvement began at the outset, when we consulted on the initial concept and developed its name, brand identity and core marketing channels comprising a website, social media and suite of collateral.

All needed to convey a unified look and feel for organisation, which is made up of 14 different live-in homecare providers – and an overarching focus on 24/7 live-in care.

Implementation & results

The logo summed up the informational nature of the Hub with relevant icons knitted together, in a smart, upmarket colour palette. For the website, we wanted something memorable - and searchable in Google terms - whilst avoiding the ubiquitous terms, ‘care’ or ‘home’ (which can cover nursing to British Gas to vacuum cleaners!) We created the very apt to launch the Hub.

The site is a ‘must-read’ guide covering live-in homecare, care options, real life stories, funding and legal issues, as well as advice on caring as a career and how to find a provider. It is supported with a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, which further benefits members through sales leads.

We also devised a social media strategy suitable for this niche audience, created a Twitter profile and now maintain the page through a planned and responsive content campaign to build awareness and followers. In order to engage with the right people we craft daily social media content to instigate conversations from nowhere, piggy-backing on the news agenda, highlighting important issues and promoting special events.

Offline marketing has included copywriting and design for advertorials targeting legal and personal finance professionals, leaflets for healthcare professionals and pull-up banners for use at key industry events. Case studies have also been developed for use across multiple online and offline media channels.

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