The Live-in Homecare Information Hub

The Live-in Homecare Information Hub – the tragedy of pets taken from their owners

The Live-in Homecare Information Hub is a non-profit partnership of leading live-in homecare providers who aim to raise the awareness of 24/7 live-in homecare.

Through our own research, we developed insights into the most important and emotive issues facing elderly people when they can no longer look after themselves. From this, we recommended conducting a study into what happens to much-loved pets when people go into residential care. One of the major benefits of live-in care is that it means people can stay at home with their own pets.

Implementation & results

We worked with an independent research partner, and found that over two million Brits know an elderly person forced to put their pet to sleep when moving into care. Using this and other heart-rending findings, we devised a nationwide media in support of live-in care. It put particular emphasis on a massive radio campaign featuring Dame Esther Rantzen, the broadcaster and founder of the Silver Line charity which works to combat loneliness in old age. As such, she is also a firm supporter of keeping older people with their pets – and helped significantly raise the profile of 24/7 live-in care – and The Hub.

Our story reached no fewer than 172 radio stations… and together with national and other specialist pet media generated 49.25 million opportunities to see and hear. And that didn’t include the significant social chatter The View generated, including comments from social care commentators and such animal lovers as fashion designer and uber-Tweeter, Brix Start Smith – and former Bond girl Britt Ekland.

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