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Mark Evans - multi-talented TV presenter, producer and personality - has an unusual career. Former RSPCA chief vet, Mark is also a science explorer and petrolhead and boasts a 25 year, BAFTA-winning TV career. Our brief was to raise his TV, media and corporate profile. However, because of his three ‘hats’, Mark is not someone that can easily be pigeon-holed, so we needed to develop a clear proposition that made it easy to understand his skill-set.

Implementation & results

Due to the three strands of Mark’s expertise, we began with strategy sessions, gaining insight into his colourful, but disparate ‘lives’ and experience and exploring how to position him. From this insight we developed our thinking on how to bottle this into ‘Mark Evans: the brand’. With the core values of: ‘Vet, Science Explorer, Petrolhead’ we developed a suite of on-message media and publicity materials and an image bank.

Maximising the profile-raising opportunities around Mark’s most recent prime-time programmes and series, we collaborated with Channel 4 to achieve significant amounts of ‘on brand’ coverage across national and specialist media. This included Jaguar: Making a Million Pound Car and Dogs: Their Secret Lives (series two). We worked seamlessly with Channel 4 to optimise features and put Mark at the heart of the story, arranging high profile features in the Saturday Express, Daily Mail, The Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Channel 4 and Your Dog. By leveraging programmes and using them as a ‘shop window’, these pieces leant topicality and urgency to other opportunities. Our media work so far has generated over 130 million opportunities to see (readership, as well as online coverage).

We have also worked with Mark to develop show and voicereels to profile him as a personality, speaker and for voiceovers.

Mark Evans

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