Sem - Together better

SEM, a world-leader in precision engineering, was introducing a programme for change with a newly stated set of company behaviours and values. It was also celebrating its 100th year with a move to a prestigious new science park and needed to prepare and galvanise all employees before, during and after this significant change.

The programme was to become part of all employees’ DNA. We were asked to provide strategic consultancy and develop branding for internal communications and training that exemplified these new values and behaviours, improved employee engagement and supported SEM in preparing for its new future.

Implementation & results

The View devised a strategy for the branding and visual communication needed to support the vision across the business, in messaging workshops, in factory visuals and in direct contact with employees.

We began by interrogating the rationale for the programme and used the intelligence gathered to develop appropriate creative routes, recommending name options and creating branding, that, while taking cues from SEM’s parent ‘engineering nut’ logo, conveyed the new internal direction and energy.

The new logo echoed the original, but with the addition of a strapline ‘Better Together’ and representation of people joining together around the ‘nut’, brought the vision to life. The different colours involved could be utilised for different modules of the communications programme. It was believable and inspiring for employees at all levels of the organisation.


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