TEAMSPORT is Europe’s no. 1 indoor go-kart operator and owner of multiple tracks around the UK. It opened its carbon neutral, flagship circuit at Tower Bridge. Our brief was multi-layered: create awareness and drive sales enquiries, appealing equally to environmentalists, petrolheads, City banks, families and local communities.

Implementation & results: We unrolled a [grass] green carpet, with the first Stig, to highlight the venue’s ‘high octane’, but eco-credentials. For ‘coolness’, lads’ mags and record labels raced and filmed the track for their websites. A digital City Slicker grand prix challenge pulled in 130 banking teams. Over 100 media attended launch day.

The campaign spawned over 101.5 million opportunities to see in the first month alone, from The Sun to a full page ‘green’ review in the Observer magazine. PR was the sole marketing support apart from SEO. Enquiries exceeded all TeamSport’s expectations.

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